Verivorst / Julblodkorven / Jouluverimakkara / Blood sausage

Verivorsti aeg / Julblodkorven framställs / Jouluverimakkaran aika / Blood sausage are traditional “must” in Estonia.

Pig intestines.

The intesties are stuffed with traditional sausage dough: pig  blood, cooked oats and spices. It is not allowed to sell animal blood – so you cannot buy it!

Now the sausages are redy for getting tied up in suitable lenght.

When they are tied up one must dot them with a needle to make small wholes in them (otherwise they will crack when you boil them)

Here the sausages are put into boiling water.

And now the sausages are ready to be quickly cooled down. At Christmas ewe they will be put in the owen to get a chrispy surface and we eat them with lingon berry jam.

Here we put a little fire on the blood sausages some years ago at a Christmas party.